Tracee Lashae


“I’m just now started to live my dream,” is a phrase one could hear Joanne say on the set of “Tricks.” A New Orleans native, Joanne is the poster child of perseverance and determination. Although her life long dream was to act, her life took a different path that involved drug abuse and depression. However, determined to turn herself around and face her life long emotional demons, Joanne joined Narcotics Anonymous on June 11, 1990. She has been drug and alcohol free ever since.

In 2000, Joanne relocated to Memphis, TN where she met the love her life. Encouraged by him, her family and her own self discipline; she took the necessary steps to recapture her life long dream of acting. “The character of Jean was actually written for another actress.” Joanne recalls. “I didn’t care what part I got, I just wanted to be a part of it. And when the other actress could not do the role, I auditioned and got the part. I was both afraid and excited, my dream was finally coming true!”

Joanne currently teaches drama to elementary students at the Marcus Garvey Institute.

“I always wanted to be like Mary Tyler Moore.” Joanne reflects. “ Mary Tyler Moore was an actress, so I wanted to act. She was a journalist, so I wanted to write. She threw her hat up in Times Square, and I can’t wait to go back to New York so I can do that too, because through all of the things I’ve gone through – I still made it after all!”

“Even though things didn’t take off the way I wanted, they seem to be even better because I get to do what I love most with my family.”